Anello bag – Best option to choose!

anello bagNow in the hottest USA TV Series gossip girl, not only has a great deal of enchanting beauty and handsome boy, outstanding situation, but also more lovely and dizzying fashion modeling. Today Bullins would love to decrypt the favorite password at the gossip girl to allow you to stay in step with the avant-garde speed and reveal your own character.

Goal at the trends, China Wholesale publishes a wide assortment of style women’s bag. This post, we would highly suggest a product: Gossip Girl Vintage X body Satchel Messenger Bag Anello bag Anello bag.

The style bag is multipurpose, Messenger Bag & Anello bag & Anello bag. Stylish design and grey design! A strong bag ideal for School, Work ,Shopping!

The dimensions :W 13-H 11-D 6 and the Need to Strap: 49.2,it is removable and adjustable. The shape is very similar to box type, small, and inside, a mobile phone holder, a wallet holder, a zipper pocket on backside. Easy for you to take documents and your notebook!

Additionally, the hooking and Buckle is in strong and quality. The cheap Anello bag lively design includes a complete flap over closure to secure your precious things.

The style bag is in road style, its surface feels a mess hard, and the cortical attributes are faux suede. You can take this England Style bag at will in fall and winter on some events.

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